Test power in milliwatts / dbm usb wifi adapter

Not only live cd live virtual man.

Author: Torpedo

This topic is specifically dedicated to perform through a power meter swr meter 2.4 ghz wifi test all power usb wifi adapters available to us.

This meter is calibrated according to the manufacturer for MT8860 team, going up to 3 test calibrado.Puede support a maximum power of 33 dBm output power, equivalent to 2 watts peak power.

The results of these tests are approximate, and are finally looking to get answers to hype the usb adapter manufacturers who knowingly inflated figures on power adapters called high power, savvy neophyte confusion associated more power = go further and better search results.

To say at last that countless tests are performed in all modes, channels, and configurations before translating the results here, using lots of access points varying distances between points conexión.Aun exceptionally can see a peak power in dbm somewhat higher in our measurements are merely anecdotal and rarely that power will be achieved and what it is to know that power usually work usb adapters, whether they could reach exceptionally reach 1 dbm plus some measurement .

Conversion Table Dbm Watt

Different results will be posted in the forum

Test - Support for laptops with NVIDIA Optimus (Intel + NVIDIA) [PAE]

Author: Fr3dY


I finally had some time to tinker with my brother's laptop, and although I've barely had time to try it, seems I got correctly generate the necessary modules to support nvidia optimus.
Try it (those that you can), and if it goes well, will be integrated more "cleanly" with Wifislax Wink

Steps for installation:

1) Download the necessary modules http://pbxzydlsnm.1fichier.com/

2) Unzip the modules in the 'modules' folder (the NVIDIA module is already included in the. Zip. Happen If ye had downloaded from the official modules section, and let borradlo which I have compiled for Optimus)

3) Start with PAE kernel (modules only time I have compiled for this kernel)

4) Create the "bumblebee" group and add the necessary users to that group (in this example, only "root").

groupadd bumblebee
usermod-G bumblebee root

5) Start the daemon running bumblebee:


To launch it in background, run:

bumblebeed &

6) To start applications using NVIDIA GPU, call the executable or script prepending "optirun".

optirun pyrit

It is also possible to call a shell with "optirun" and then everything is launched from that shell will run with the NVIDIA GPU.

optirun bash

Put the results in this thread, but I will not have access to your notebook to keep doing tests until some time