Available Wifislax 4.9: a distro for network auditing

o XFCE 4.10 , que se pueden ejecutar en modo live con o sin persistencia, lo que la convierte en un sistema ideal para llevar en una memoria USB. New release of the GNU / Linux distribution based on Slackware and specialized in wifi security that comes with kernel version 3.13.11 and multiple desktops to choose as KDE XFCE 4.10.5 or 4.10, you can run mode live with or without persistence, which makes it ideal to carry in a USB memory system.

This edition of Wifislax 4.9 plus patch some newly discovered vulnerabilities in ssh and linux kernel includes several updates of major programs:

  • Wireshark 1.10.7
  • ffmpeg 2.2.2
  • Firefox 29.0
  • Gparted 0.18
  • Hydra 8.0
  • Aircrack-ng Suite 1.3
  • Qt libraries are updated to 4.8.6
  • WG4Crack 1.2
  • Crunch 3.6
  • OpenSSL 1.0.1h

Also, we have included several new programs, including:

  • Xkill (a fairly popular application when windows kill those processes that refuse to disappear)
  • Harvester (a script in python to perform social engineering and cataloging emails, sub-domains, hosts, a specific goal when making hacking)
  • Dmitry (a command line tool for information on a host)
  • truecrypt
  • dd_rescue (as the name suggests, helps us recover hard disk data from the terminal)
  • QJackCtl (a Qt tool to configure the JACK audio server)
  • Picard (another Qt application that allows us to organize our music collections)
  • Wlm (very popular in the distributions of hacking, and optimize combines word lists)

Wifislax 4.9 is available for download via FTP or Torrent from their website, where you can also view the full notes of release.


Tutorial to get your WiFi password with Wifislax

Author: Alberto Castro of ComputerHoy.com

surgida a raiz de Wifiway , y destaca por incluir una serie de scripts adaptados a las redes disponibles en España. Wifislax is a Linux distribution that serves to audit wireless network security arises from Wifiway , and is notable for a number of services tailored to available networks in Spain scripts. . With it, we can verify the security of our WiFi router and decrypt their keys.


1: Download Wifislax 4.7

In the web www.wifislax.com find the latest versions of Wifislax available.

At the time of creating this tutorial, the latest version of Wifislax end was 4.7, but it was already available in version 4.8 Release Candidate 3 (just the stage prior to becoming final).

. Specifically, you can download 4.7 from Wifislax 4-7-2 www.wifislax.com/wifislax- through server usenet DepositFiles. (o regular) puede que tarde cerca de una hora en estar lista. Yes, arm yourself with patience, and weighing more than 600 Mbytes and if you have an account on this service and opt for free (or regular) download may take about an hour to get ready.

Wifislax 4.7 download

2: Installing or direct use

como sistema operativo o (más práctico) ejecutada desde un CD ( LiveCD ) o una memoria flash ( LiveUSB ). As Wifislax is a Linux distribution (based on the project Slackware ) can be used in different ways: either installed on the hard disk or operating system (more practical) run from a CD (LiveCD) or flash memory (LiveUSB).

Once you have downloaded the program, mount the ISO image file into a LiveCD or LiveUSB, and with the means that we can obtain and boot directamenteWifislax or final installation if you prefer. By opting for the Live version, our system will not be changed at all, and either finish using Wifislax changes we make will be saved, though.

To create a LiveCD, use the burning utility you prefer and burn a disc from an ISO image (usually by selecting the "Burn Image" option).

If you prefer to create a LiveUSB, you must first format the USB key in question with FAT 32 format. Unzip the ISO image that you downloaded (eg with WinRar) and copy folders obtained within the external memory. » para que se genere el LiveUSB (desde Windows). Ya just need to enter the "Boot" folder inside the USB key and run the "bootinst.bat 'file to generate the LiveUSB (from Windows).

Remember to start your computer from a CD or USB media, first you must set the BIOS to boot from these origins before that from the hard drive.

3: Starts Wifislax first

(si tenemos más de 4). After restarting the computer from the USB device or CD we created, we can start with a normal kernel (recommended if you have less than 4 Gbytes of RAM) or EAP (if we have more than 4).

…), que vienen pertinentemente explicadas en pantalla. Then see related desktop to load for Linux (KDE, XFCE ...), which are appropriately explained options screen. We choose the ones you like and go (or let on trying until you find one that does not give us problems starting).

Start Wifislax

4: Using airoscript Wifislax

Now that we have Wifislax running, it's time to get down to work.

. We deploy the Start menu (in a similar way as they do in Windows) and enter Wifislax / aircrack-ng suite. This utility is considered standard on almost all suites audit network security are based.

Specifically, the tool we use is airoscript Wifislax just the last option we'll see on screen.

Airoscript Wifislax

We opened it and select our network card (if you have two, for example, ethernet and WiFi adapter card, select the one that interests us by dialing the appropriate number).

Then we have to choose a compatible driver with our network card (if we have doubts, it is best to check the first option). Then we'll be ready paraescanear WiFi networks and check their safety.

para centrarnos en la que vayamos a analizar. The main menu is ordered by numbers, and the first will choose Scan (to scan for networks available to us, or filter based on the type of security or channel used) and then Select to focus on that we will analyze.

5: Start to get packages

Once we have our target list with options 3 and 4 we can launch an attack to crack the network or find key automatically.

Airoscript Wifislax menu packages

As an essential step, first launch an attack that will capture the network packets that we have chosen.

Once enough packets have, we will open a new window airoscript (without closing the previous one) and select the option Crack. And only shall be waiting for the program to do its work, and in situ check if our network is vulnerable or not these techniques decryption password.

6: Other advanced applications

. In Wifislax there are many more advanced tools related to network security, requiring specific knowledge. If you want to deepen their use, we recommend you visit the roadmap Wifislax on its official website.

Also, we remind you decipher a WiFi network that is not ours is an illegal practice, so you should only use this software legitimately.