Freed wifislax-4-7-2-end [version maintenance]

Maintenance release for wifislax, repairing writing bug in ntfs partitions.

Kernel 3.12

Changes are these

CHANGES FROM Wifislax-4.7.1

19/11/2013 *** ***

01 - libraries pycups heal and go to printers and scanners module
02 - WAP script tweaks
03 - Restoration in cleandir to remove unnecessary things
04 - vmlinuz rebuilt by writing to ntfs bug
05 - p7zip recompiled and passed to module multimedia1
06 - ruby ​​library, moved to module-tools pentest
07 - Deleted boost library
08 - removed some libraries repeated in several modules
09 - Included new tool in networking category etherape-0.9.13
10 - Updated GeoIP library to version 1.5.1
11 - Updated openssh
12 - Update to 1.28 wpspingenerator repair function
that checks if the internet is connected inetrface
earlier if we had "another" interface on the computer and was
connected to the Internet, the script kept continuing.
13 - Included php library [for future projects]
14 - Included t1lib library [for future projects]

I hope this lasts pretty.

Download: wifislax-4-7-2-final.iso
MD5: b055df3326b65e0ef99257a191ae9887

Download FTP hadrianweb


All versions wifislax - depositfiles

wifislax 4.1 254.83MB Download 7d4b7441911b76725c46f77ea60ac1dc
wifislax 4.3 551.08MB Download 64b1a02c1561c35c538ea61891241625
4.4 wifislax 629.99MB Download a8c179b5bcc25df86ca6f5b4470ae4ab
wifislax 4.5 630.88MB Download 1af707db0119900f6fd6429a9aef45e8
4.6 wifislax 629.65MB Download 90840904d2c7b5cd545edabd5c358753
wifislax 4.7.2 662.96MB Download b055df3326b65e0ef99257a191ae9887
4.8 wifislax 693.76MB Download 17d2405fae1c2a42c56b48cfa2a9de6c

While we always recommend using the latest version in force

Released version 4.6 final wifislax-

Once again, I am filled with pride and satisfaction present a new version of wifislax.

It's actually almost a maintenance release, to alleviate the terrible bug present in 4.5 wifislax re-reaver, which at time to be running segment violation and was closed unexpectedly.

The kernel is 3.6.11, with the news that he has enabled a good number of drivers of all types, graphics, tablets, touchscreens, multi-function and many more.

KDE has been updated to version 4.10.5 stable as usual also features lightweight desktop like xfce.

The Logbook is this regarding wifislax-4.5


1 - Updated list of repositories
2 - Outdated libpcap problems with reaver
3 - Outdated wireshark to a version less
4 - Updated firefox to version 22
5 - Update to version 7 java u25
6 - Update to version 2.7 goyscript
7 - Fixed bug wireless-keys
8 - Included text editor nano
9 - Including texinfo-4.13a
10 - Included full suite dsniff
11 - Included ngrep
12 - Reaver known recompiled to add new pins
13 - Updated kernel to 3.6.11
14 - Compiled reaver
15 - Changed libpcap
16 - Updated wireshark to 1.10
17 - Included Servicemenü to load xfce kde & md5
18 - recompiled kernels to add more drivers
19 - Added crunch
20 - Updated and moved to gksu module and libgksu
21 - Update Aldair wpspingenerator to a new mac (v 1.22)
22 - Removed laptop-mode tools
23 - Added in wireless-access keys wpspingenerator
24 - Updated smplayer
25 - Updated aircrack-ng suite 2311 - 2312 >>
26 - Included apfucker
27 - Included airstorm
28 - Included DateList
29 - Included gigawordlist
30 - reaver-wifislax Replaced by reavermod
31 - Updated tool "save session reaver" to save progress of all reavers
32 - Update wpspingenerator adds new mac and now if the pin
generated is not valid, given the option to launch the normal reaver with all pins.
33 - Removed the akonadi service desktops (not used and consumes ram).
34 - Cleaning / usr / doc and / usr / info
35 - Included Makefast (auto-configurator script compiler and creator of clean XZM)
36 - Updated wget from 13 to 14 and added the ca-certificates
37 - updated flash-player-plugin.
38 - Updated angry ip scanner 3.0 to version 3.2-beta6
39 - Updated wifimetropolis 3.0 - 3.1.14 >>
40 - Updated aircrack-ng suite r2312 -> r2315

The changes from 30 to 40 are there to wifislax-4.6-rc1 to final release.

As we see there are several updates of wireless applications, so DO NOT STAY WITH RC1 Grin

As always thank you all going testing isos going development and discussed the problems.
Also those people that live sinlas the applications curran, would be nothing.
A compilation of my geminis_demon development and

Hope you enjoy.

MD5: 90840904d2c7b5cd545edabd5c358753





Released final version of wifislax-4.5

Well, not much to say, maintenance release in which the most notable change was the kernel.

This release brings kernel 4.3.48 stable branch, have been fixed some small bugs in the system and added a bookstore.

Menus start, now support "ñ" and accents, plus distribution of Spanish or English keyboard according to the menu you select.

Thank you all for your cooperation and patience.

As there are always extras modules essentially are the same as they had, but have been changed modules ati / nvidia drivers and virtualbox for other compatible with the new kernel.


Extras modules

wifislax 4.5 630.88MB Download 1af707db0119900f6fd6429a9aef45e8

Alternate server added to Hadrianweb

Released version 4.4 final wifislax-

Well, as we always say "at some point you have to stop," and this is the time.
After nearly five months of development, I presents the final version of wifislax-4.4, which
as in the previous version comes with about you when expansion modules that you can find in the following link ....

Alternative for modules, courtesy of hadrianweb

During the development effort has been made to upgrade the whole system up.

We left with kernel 3.7.10, 4.10.3 and kde xfce desktop as lightweight alternative.

From these lines I want to thank the invaluable help of my co-development, geminis_demon, I always made a cable when I get stuck on something, in addition to providing numerous innovations to the distro, as the hunter or hunted leap grub2, which It was no easy task.

Thanks as well to all those people who have been tirelessly down beta isos to help where possible to resolve things that did not work out of the system ... those who have warned of new versions of programs ... to those who have reviewed new tools, which I believe all have been included at the end has the exception of one or two.

Also seguridadwireless team, which in one way or another always hechan cable Angry

Many libraries have been updated and programs and the inclusion of new tools of all types, the idea is to offer something different from what is already in the market for wireless lives ... we Chinese lives a few megs but very poor in applications difficult expand etc ... we have very professional systems as kali-linux (before BACtrack), or as the Spanish bugtrack distro, which cover many subjects, but maybe we are using heavy or complex ... and in the middle are us ... system, specializing in wireless, .. where you can do many other things .. easily expandable, and with consumption of resources quite content ... that's the idea. "Easy, extensible, and powerful."

As last we have double kernel versions (normal and pae), and two desks ... and the novelty, the possibility to boot into English ... even with submenus of options at startup.

And now if, some pictures and the download link ... I hope you enjoy it. Wink

Md5: a8c179b5bcc25df86ca6f5b4470ae4ab

Alternative link:

Other. courtesy of

Courtesy of "Fito y * Galache of IEEEupv Dudux"

Wifislax-released version 4.3 Final

Well, today is the day, after 6 months of development the final version of this list wifislax-4.3.

The system retains the same modular philosophy, in order to extend the capabilities easily by "XZM" files, the structure is the same, but not the system, which is not based on SLAX and Porteus, if not directly been done all the work from scratch with SLACKWARE parcel 14, which after all is what SLAX and Porteus, both based on SLACKWARE.

For 6 months scripts have been implemented to improve the system, applications, tools, cleaning etc, so that people install on hd this more comfortable in the system.

Regarding the issue of live "wireless", have been implemented all tools that we felt were most interesting, and they have constantly updated which already had in the live.

The system is in live mode with up to 3 different desktops being the preferred kde4, xfce and openbox as lightweight alternatives & also features DOUBLE KERNEL, what is this? Because it has been able to implement a system whereby you can choose to start with a normal kernel (32 bits) or other kernel configured with PAE, ideal for computers with more than 4 gigs of ram (this is also 32 bits) in the last time have been implemented both official ati drivers as nvidia gpu to make easily-cracking (adding XZM hashcat module).

We went in with kernel version 3.5.7, if it is not the latest now, he has given us good results in the wireless testing.

In this thread you can get EXTRAS, of all kinds to expand the possibilities of the system ... from office applications, multimedia, antivirus and as Pentesting
as maltego, metasploit, set, subterfuge, w3af ... among others.

* It's simple, just go down the XZM file, place it into the "modules" or "base" ... and strip away so habreis added new programs to live.

Included in the live a package manager slackware 14, for if you need extra libraries.
You can install it in HD, (as always).

In short you tell a strong initial base, and most importantly EXPANDABLE.

As there, thanks to everyone who has been testing betas and rcs to finalize those little last minute, and ESPECIALLY, seguridadwireless team, I apologize to the team but I want to make special mention of geminis_demon, which in been in development since the beginning and has helped me to change NOTHING MUCH.

You could also make a warcry meción (tireless seeker of bugs), mk who have been developing and improving projects as multiattack, or wifislax-reaver, for which I no longer knew where to touch, in addition to no time. Hwagm, who is always there to correct the way and consult doubts procedure, although it is responsible, for me to always be above and your opinion is VERY IMPORTANT to me regarding the livecd projects house.

I will not put list of changes, he is changed EVERYTHING .. but the look and philosophy is maintained, it is best you go down the live, and enjoy it.

Enjoy the live, not useis for worse, this is not our idea or purpose.

Happy holidays, and now the latest, downloading.


MD5: 64b1a02c1561c35c538ea61891241625